A joke around COBOL

It’s funny how many people complain about old programming languages like COBOL. In these days I found something similar around C++. Brand new professionals are looking what is trending and believe old programming languages are just an obscure reference in some old textbooks. Last days I’ve been exploring some job opportunities for C++ developers. it seems that there is a lack of professionals because everybody is focused on Java and web technologies. The search lead me to find this joke:

In 2010, a COBOL programmer developed a rare fatal disease for which there was no known cure. The programmer was cryogenically frozen, to be revived when a cure had been found.

In the year 9999, the programmer is revived. When he wakes up, he asks the doctors what year it is, and when they tell him, he asks if they finally found a cure for his disease. They answered, “We’re sorry, but no, we still haven’t found a cure. But it’s almost the year 10,000, you see, and you know COBOL



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